Health & Fitness Tips for Busy Adults

Tired of making excuses to not work out?


It can be difficult to maintain a busy schedule, especially working 9-5, having a family to take care of, or being in school. You want to make sure everyone has been taken care of, including yourself! Here are some tips for people who work full-time, stay-at-home full-time, or just want to change their lifestyle.

Prep your meals – this is beneficial because it really resists the urge to make a trip for food. Popular times to prep your meals for the week are Sunday or Monday evenings. You can package veggies in one container, put fruit in another, and meat/protein in another. Then, each night, you can take some from each container and you’re ready for the next day.

If you don’t have time to cook either of those nights, packing some sort of lunch and snacks for the next day is helpful. Whether it’s a quick sandwich, crackers, apples, veggies, or nuts, having healthy alternatives will keep you from making bad decisions throughout the day. It will likely make you feel less hungry and more awake.

Find ways to walk – it can especially difficult to find time to walk when you have a desk job. However, there are ways to incorporate walking throughout the day. For example, take a longer route to the office kitchen or, instead of sending someone an email, walk over to their desk and chat with them. As long it does not have a negative impact on your productivity, it works very well and can make a big difference in your overall steps for the day. Considering taking a walk during lunch, whether it’s a few laps around the building or a few blocks down the road.

Set your schedule – try thinking of working out as a scheduled meeting. You wouldn’t just skip a meeting, right? Make exercising an appointment with yourself. Over time, it will become something you really look forward to, rather than something that feels like a chore.

Plan to take a 15 minute walk right after dinner, and 15 minutes in the morning. 30 minutes of walking everyday makes a huge difference!

Hopefully these tips are helpful! While finding time to eat healthy and exercise is difficult, with the right mindset it is completely manageable. For me, what helps most is being prepared. As long as I have healthy food around me, I will not be tempted to make bad choices.

Good luck!

The Importance of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Approaching!

memorial day

Memorial Day is next Monday, May 30th! This day is considered the unofficial start to summer. While it is a weekend to enjoy nice weather and good company, it’s purpose is to honor men and women who passed while in the U.S. military.

Interesting facts about Memorial Day:

  1. Memorial Day was originated in 1862  and was originally called Decoration Day.  It was a time for the nation to decorate the graves with flowers for those who had passed away from war.
  2. It’s typical for people to confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a day to thank and honor those who have served in the military during both peacetime and wartime. Memorial Day is the day to remember and honor all military personnel who died while serving the country, especially those who died in a battle or by wounds they sustained while in battle.
  3. The “National Moment of Remembrance Act” was passed in 2000 by Congress. This designated 3:00pm local time on Memorial Day every year as the National Moment of Remembrance – a time to honor the men and women of the United States who died in the pursuit of freedom and peace. All Americans are encouraged to pause at that time for a moment of silence.

Keep in mind there are many safety precautions to take during Memorial Day weekend – American Red Cross offers a full list of safety tips for Memorial Day.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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How Soon Will Your Car Be Driving You To Work?

The answer is…probably soon!

front seat car

Remember when the thought of self-driving cars sounded so futuristic and technologically advanced? Well, it’s no longer such a futuristic idea! Several companies such as Mercedes, Tesla, Volvo, and BMW are currently designing self-driving vehicles, or already have! Within the next 4 years, the expected number of self-driving cars on the road increases significantly per year.

In 2018, it’s expected there will be about 2 million self-driving cars – this jumps to about 4.2 million in 2019 and drastically increases to about 10 million in 2020!

According to Business Inside, a self-driving vehicle is defined as “any car with features that allow it to accelerate, brake, and steer a car’s course with limited or no driver interaction.” There are two different types of self-driving cars: semi-autonomous and fully autonomous.

The 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design takes a huge step towards removing almost all human error. The SUV’s sensors detect lanes and cars in front of it- when it does, it will handle driving tasks completely on its own.

But will it be that simple? You just hop in your car and off it goes? Many people are (understandably) wary of the thought of this. We have the right technology to make autonomous vehicles happen, but it’s complicated to take into consideration the tricky decisions humans make. Algorithms are not able to process these yet.

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Wonder Run 5k & Kids Fun Run: Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club is hosting its 3rd annual Wonder Run 5k and Kid’s Run Fun!

This event is for both runners and walkers! Starting at the Wellesley High School Track at 8:30am on May 22, 2016, this race helps a great cause while taking runners on a pretty tour of town. There is  a Kids Fun Run, which begins at 9:30am at the Wellesley High School track. Depending on age, children participating will complete one or two laps around the track.

Parking – there will be plenty of parking at Wellesley High School (50 Rice Street) as well as metered parking along Route 16.

Prizes – the 1st and 2nd place male and female in the following age groups:
– 18 and below
– 19-29
– 30-39
– 40-49
– 50-59
– 60+

Online registration for the Wonder Run 5k (adults) is $25 and Kids Fun Run is $5. The first 300 people to register for the 5k will receive a race t-shirt and a participant bag. It’s important to note Same Day registration is $30 for Wonder Run and $10 for Kids Fun Run.

Complete information
Register for either of these events

May is Mental Health Month!

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health

Since 1949, Mental Health America and affiliates across the country have led the observance of May being National Mental Health Month, this year’s theme being Life with a Mental Illness. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, 1 in 5 Americans will be affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime. Every American is impacted through their friends and family.

Common mental illnesses include: 
-Bipolar Disorder

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation’s campaign Cures Through Research increases awareness of the importance of mental health research. Additionally, it strives to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Throughout the month of May,  the BBRF uses various social media channels to spread awareness of statistics, facts, myths and other helpful information about current brain and behavior research.

Ways to engage in this awareness campaign include:

– Liking the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Facebook page
-Following them on Twitter @bbrfoundation
-Sharing, re-tweeting, liking, or commenting on any #ResearchCures posts.
-Creating your own social media posts and using the #ResearchCures hashtag.

It’s important to keep in mind we all know someone who is affected by a brain & behavior disorder. Scientists and researches are getting closer to finding a cure every day.

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Camping Safety Recommendations

Camping Safety Tips



As warmer months approach, you may be considering bringing your children camping or taking a trip with friends. When you think of camping, you most likely associate it with fun, sunshine, and fresh air. It is important to keep in mind camping is an activity where you need to be cautious of your surroundings and be prepared for any potential emergencies.

General safety tips include:

  • Planning your meals in advance
  • Keeping an eye on the weather forecast prior to your trip
  • Packing a first-aid kit
  • Avoiding approaching wild animals
  • Wearing sunscreen &  keep lots of bug spray handy
  • Supervising your children (especially if you are in the woods)
  • Never leave your campfire unattended
  • If there is water surrounding, make sure to keep an eye on children & never leave them unattended near it

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends you get vaccinated before going on a camping trip – these can help against conditions and diseases when camping. Your doctor may recommend tetanus, pertussis, meningitis, or hepatitis A shots.

While it may seem adventurous to purposely get stuck in a rainstorm that’s near your camp, or watch lightning strike in the distance, it can be extremely dangerous. According to experts, when you hear thunder, the storm is within 10 miles. It’s important to seek shelter – or even sit in your car – if you hear thunder nearby.

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Remember to give us a call at Cochrane & porter for any questions or insurance needs. You can reach us at 781-943-1555 or Safe Camping!

Guided Trail Walk: Charles River Path – May 7th

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Take a walk with the Wellesley Trails Committee

Charles River Path|

The Wellesley Trails Committee invites you to take a guided walk along the Charles River Path!

When: Saturday, May 7th, 9am-10am
Where: 15 Walnut Street in Wellesley at the office park parking lot
Cost: FREE
Registration: Not required

Enjoy some of Wellesley’s scenic, open spaces as well as discover trails that will expand your recreational knowledge. The walk begins at Mary Hunnewell Fyffe Footbridge in Newton Lower Falls, goes behind the Waterstone at Wellesley complex, and along the Charles. Next, the group will cross the bridge over the Charles River to Newton and walk the scenic trail that leads to the Leo J. Martin Golf Course in Weston.

The walk will last about an hour, and cover between 1 1/2 miles to 2 miles. It is recommended attendees wear comfortable but sturdy footwear.

For more information, visit, call Miguel Lessing at 781-431-2411, or Denny Nackoney at 781-237-5174.

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