How Your Garaging Address Affects Your Insurance Rate

How Your Garaging Address Affects Your Insurance Rate

What is a garaging address, and how does it impact your car insurance rate?


Many insurance companies define your garaging address as the primary location of where your car is kept. For many people, this address is the same as where you live, but that’s not always the case! Sometimes people split their time between two states. For example, New England and Florida. In this case, your garaging address is where most of your time is spent. If you spend the winter in Florida and the rest in Massachusetts, your Massachusetts address will be your garaging address.

You’re probably wondering how this address affects your insurance. Well, your insurance rate is calculated by combining several pieces of important information. Your garaging address is one piece that will determine whether your rate is high or low. If your garaging address is located in an area that has a high crime rate and where a lot of vandalism and car theft occurs, your rates will likely increase. However, if your garaging address is an area where there is little crime and is generally considered safe, your rates will likely decrease.

At Cochrane & Porter, we can advise you on the impact your neighborhood or town will have on your insurance rate. Give us a call at 781-943-1555 or email us at to learn more!

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Summer 2016: Outdoor Movies – Wellesley

This Summer – Outdoor Film Night in Wellesley, MA

wellesley college

This summer, Davis Museum at Wellesley College invites you to the museum plaza to watch a film, have popcorn, eat ice cream, and have a drink, if you’re over 21 – for free! While movies begin at dusk, all are encouraged to arrive any time after 7pm to create some art.

Four movies that include museum themes and scenes will be featured:

Night at the Museum – Thursday, June 30th
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Thursday, July 14th
Raiders of the Lost Ark – Thursday, July 28th
Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – Thursday, August 11th

Admission to each film is open and free to the public. It is recommended all visitors bring blankets and folding chairs so that it’s more comfortable. The films will be projected on the outside of the Davis Museum building. All ages are encouraged to attend!

Don’t forget to call Cochrane & Porter Insurance located in Wellesley for any of your insurance needs!

Contact Information
981 Worcester Street
Wellesley, MA 02482

Traveling This Summer? Here Are Safety Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

June is National Safety Month – want to protect your identity while traveling?


In the 21st century, you are much more likely to have your identity stolen than in the past. Mostly based on technological advances, identity theft is a growing problem worldwide. Travelers are vulnerable because there are many times where they need to use unsecured internet connections. They typically carry personal documentation with them at all times. Lastly, when traveling, you typically use your credit cards in places you’ll never be again.

Some suggestions for protecting your identity while traveling include:

  1. Delete all cookies and browsing history on public terminals. Computers cache a significant amount of information, and certain websites keep you logged in, even if you exit out of the webpage – some examples include Facebook & LinkedIn. That’s why it’s beneficial to delete your cookies & browsing history before you walk away.
  2. Be careful of shared and unsecured internet connections. When traveling, it’s tough to find internet connections other than public ones in cafes, hotels and airports. With an unsecured internet connection, there is a risk any time you type email passwords or website logins.
  3. Use only bank ATMs. Many convenience stores and hotels have
    generic” ATMs. These have less oversight and are often more vulnerable to identity theft. Regular ATMs are normally targeted less by thieves.
  4. Check your credit card statements on a regular basis. Identity thieves will choose travelers as victims because typically people do not check their bank statements until they have returned home!
  5. Keep an eye on your cell phone. Your cell phone likely has many apps that may contain personal information. Not to mention, many people leave their cell phone hanging around in places where many people have access to it. Before traveling, consider deleting any apps with especially private data such as banking apps or social networks.

These are just some of the steps you can take to ensure eliminate identity fraud while traveling. Feel free to contact us at 781-943-1555!

*Cochrane & Porter also offers a product that serves as an alarm system for your identity. Learn more!

How Dogs Affect Your Home Insurance

Do you have a new pet? It’s a good idea to let your insurance agent know!


It’s an exciting time when your new companion arrives home for the first time. Naturally, you’ll want to show your family and friends photos of your new friend and show him off! You’ll buy treats and food, and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Something you may not think of is it to inform your independent insurance agent of the new animal living in your home.

As a pet owner, you may find yourself liable for damages your dog or other pet cause. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), dog bites and other animal-related injuries accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2015, which costed more than $570 million!

An important fact is many homeowners’ insurance policies do cover dog bites. The breed of the dog is also a key factor when it comes to home insurance dog restrictions. There are certain dogs that have a reputation for being aggressive, but many times those are incorrect.

The only real way to know if your pet will affect coverage is to talk with your insurance agent!

If you are a new or existing pet owner, we offer a Veterinary Discount Plan, which you simply receive 25% off every trip to the vet! Don’t forget to contact Cochrane & Porter for any of your insurance needs at 781-943-1555 or

Looking To Save 25% On Veterinary Bills?


If you are a pet owner, chances are you completely understand how expensive that bill can be after a visit to the vet. According to the APPA, Americans spent about $15.73 billion on vet care in 2015!

Here are some average costs for the following visits:
Routine veterinary exam: $20-$100
Emergency veterinary care: $0-$2,000+
Vaccinations: $60-$150

Cochrane & Porter now offers a Vet Discount Plan, which works for any visit to the vet, from routine care to major illness.

With this product, you won’t have denied claims or exclusions. It can also be used at over 5,000 participating veterinarians. It is also very simple; you just need to present your card at any participating veterinary practice and you will receive 25% off all in-house medical services.

Other important information:

  • Unlike pet insurance, the Veterinary Discount Plan does not have restrictions or paperwork
  • There is one set price for all plans
  • No co-pays
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No age limit
  • Currently available in all US states

Click here to find a vet in your area!

Community Wellness Day – Linden Square, Wellesley – June 16th

Community Wellness Day – Linden Square, Wellesley: June 16th

linden square wellesley

On Thursday, June 16th from 11am-1pm, more than a dozen businesses and town services will be delivering information on health and wellness services in Linden Square of Wellesley. The Cottage and California Pizza Kitchen will provide food samples and Bellasante will be giving free mini chair massages!

The Wellesley Fire Department will be bringing a fire truck and the Wellesley Police are bringing a cruiser and Humvee for kids to explore! Bach to Rock will be providing fun music to keep the energy level up and keep the overall vibe a fun one.

Some other participating stores and organizations include:
Unleashed by Petco will explain the benefits of dog training and natural food.
People’s United Bank will provide tips on financial wellness.
Beacon Hill Athletic Club will provide fitness tips and education.

There will also be information and free programs on swimming safety, blood pressure and BMI screenings, programs for senior citizens, and much more!

Don’t forget to contact your local Wellesley insurance agent for any questions regarding your insurance! 781-943-1555 or

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The Importance of Having Wedding Insurance

The Importance of Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

It’s no doubt your wedding day is one of the most important (and expensive!) days of your life. It’s a huge investment and it’s not an event where you want something to go wrong! With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind all the insurance-based precautions you need to take in the event an accident occurs, or if the ceremony has to be canceled or delayed.

Wedding insurance will protect your investment from circumstances beyond your control. It will reimburse you for any incurred expenses. An example is if your limo driver doesn’t show up at all, and you have to book a different one – this will be quite expensive, but your wedding insurance would kick in.

You should check with your vendors before purchasing your wedding insurance policy. You’ll want to ensure you don’t have added coverage that overlaps their existing policy. This will save you money, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much wedding insurance do I need?
Answer: It’s recommended you choose a coverage level equivalent to the amount you would lose in a worst-case scenario if you were forced to reschedule your wedding last minute. Some major things to consider is the cost of your venue, wedding rings, entertainment, gown, caterers, flowers, cake, invitations, etc.

Question: What exactly is covered by wedding insurance?
Answer: Typically, there is weather coverage, vendor no-show coverage, site coverage, job or military coverage. However, it’s important to keep in mind there is usually a maximum amount of coverage specific under each section of your wedding insurance policy as well as a deductible.

Question: What are some important things my policy won’t cover?
Answer: A few examples of things that wouldn’t be covered include:
– Engagement rings
– Pearls, jewelry, watches
– Cold feet or change of heart

Take a look at our Event Liability Insurance and get a policy estimate within minutes! Or, give us a call at 781-943-1555 and we can help decide which coverage would protect you best for your special day.