Understanding the Risks of Identity Theft

Are you at risk for identity theft?

identity theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are about 9.9 million identity theft incidents per year, or 19 people every minute! Chances are it happens much more than you may think. Some people assume identity theft is covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Identity theft is a serious crime that occurs when someone uses your personal information without your permission. Personal information frequently compromised includes your name and address, credit card account numbers, medical insurance account numbers, and your Social Security number.

One common way a thief can obtain your personal information is by looking through your trash. It’s always important to shred or destroy any personal documents before putting them in the trash. If your wallet is lost or stolen, immediately notify the police and cancel any credit card that were in at the time it went missing.

Other common ways for thieves to obtain your identity include:

Student Theft – College students are at a high-risk. This may be because of the frequent unsolicited offers for new credit cards that create an opportunity for thieves to gain access to their personal information. Also, because they tend to change addresses frequently, mail often does not get forwarded, which also increases the risk of identity fraud.

Medical Theft – More and more frequently, thieves are getting medical treatment and healthcare benefits while using someone else’s name and other information.

Child Theft – Thieves often seek access to a child’s personal information to create accounts in that child’s name. This can go unnoticed for years because no one thinks to check a child’s credit reports!

SeniorTheft – Senior citizens are frequent targets for ID thieves because many have life savings. They can also be less tech-savvy, which makes them easier targets for scams and less likely to monitor their accounts.

Don’t be a part of the statistics. Whether it is the holiday season, tax season, or any given time of year, you may be at risk. Take a look at our Identity Theft Insurance today and make sure you’re properly protected! Learn the other common types so that you can prevent it in the future!



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