Fun Places To Go In Wellesley

Fun Things To Do In Wellesley, Massachusetts



As you may or may not know, Cochrane & Porter is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Wellesley is a quintessential New England town and is located about 15 miles outside of Boston. The town has a lot to offer including large, expensive homes, several excellent colleges, and nice restaurants. I decided to make a list of places to visit in Wellesley, whether you are a current resident or if you are visiting!

Lake Waban Path

lake waban

Located at 106 Central Street at Wellesley College, this path is typically used for hiking and walking, and is composed of beautiful wild flowers and pretty views. Dogs are allowed only when wearing a leash. Beginning at Route 16 will be a 3-mile walk, while starting at Wellesley College will be 2.4 miles. Especially if you enjoy nature, this is a must-see!

map of lake waban

Davis Museum


wellesley college

Located at 106 Central Street at Wellesley College, this museum has about 11,000 object ranging from antique to modern day. The museum also holds many special events, including outdoor film nights in the summertime. Learn more!

The Gardens at Elm Bank

garden at elm bank

Located on 36-acres in the historic Elm Bank Reservation, this site is comprised of wooded areas, gardens, fields and meadows, streams and pools, and more. Another beautiful place definitely worth checking out!

Joyful Kitchen


joyful kitchen

A place for cooking, baking, learning and feasting! Whether you want to attend a cooking glass, celebrate a special occasion,  get together with a group of friends or meet new people, this will be a memorable and enjoyable cooking experience!

These are just a few different places you can go in Wellesley. The town also has several awesome restaurants to eat at.

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