Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

Our product serves as an alarm system for your identity 


Throughout the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is so common to get caught up in shopping madness. It gets to the point we just want to get in and out of a store as quickly as possible, which often results in us spending more money than we plan to! However, while money is very important to us, there’s something else we need to stay mindful of…our identity.

Identity theft is a growing concern for everyone. According to The 2016 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million consumers in the United States in 2015, compared with the $16 billion and 12.7 million victims in 2014.  For only one year, that is a significant change!

How Victims’ Information Is Misused, 2015

Type of identity theft fraud Percent
Government documents or benefits fraud 49.2%
Credit card fraud 15.8
Phone or utilities fraud 9.9
Bank fraud (2) 5.9
Attempted identity theft 3.7
Loan fraud 3.5
Employment-related fraud 3.3
Other identity theft 19.2

Source: Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Sentinel Network.

In 2015, New York had 24,157 identity theft complaints – the highest in the United States, by far. On the other hand, Vermont had the lowest at 525.

Make sure you are properly protected this holiday season with our Identity Theft Protection plan, which serves as an alarm system for your identity! Call us at 781-943-1555 to learn more, or anything else insurance-related!

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