Traveling This Summer? Here Are Safety Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

June is National Safety Month – want to protect your identity while traveling?


In the 21st century, you are much more likely to have your identity stolen than in the past. Mostly based on technological advances, identity theft is a growing problem worldwide. Travelers are vulnerable because there are many times where they need to use unsecured internet connections. They typically carry personal documentation with them at all times. Lastly, when traveling, you typically use your credit cards in places you’ll never be again.

Some suggestions for protecting your identity while traveling include:

  1. Delete all cookies and browsing history on public terminals. Computers cache a significant amount of information, and certain websites keep you logged in, even if you exit out of the webpage – some examples include Facebook & LinkedIn. That’s why it’s beneficial to delete your cookies & browsing history before you walk away.
  2. Be careful of shared and unsecured internet connections. When traveling, it’s tough to find internet connections other than public ones in cafes, hotels and airports. With an unsecured internet connection, there is a risk any time you type email passwords or website logins.
  3. Use only bank ATMs. Many convenience stores and hotels have
    generic” ATMs. These have less oversight and are often more vulnerable to identity theft. Regular ATMs are normally targeted less by thieves.
  4. Check your credit card statements on a regular basis. Identity thieves will choose travelers as victims because typically people do not check their bank statements until they have returned home!
  5. Keep an eye on your cell phone. Your cell phone likely has many apps that may contain personal information. Not to mention, many people leave their cell phone hanging around in places where many people have access to it. Before traveling, consider deleting any apps with especially private data such as banking apps or social networks.

These are just some of the steps you can take to ensure eliminate identity fraud while traveling. Feel free to contact us at 781-943-1555!

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